How can we do it?

KMG has the universal rights for the exploitation of the CIE (Collective Intelligence Engine), WeTheBioCloud, Buaala and the Buaala brand in the Audiovisual, Sports and Entertainment Sectors understanding the audiovisual in its broadest spectrum.

During 2016, KMG had obtained funds worth more than €0.6M in R+D+i, which guarantees its assets and projection, with the help of public institutions, the Ministry of Tourism (EMPRENDETUR) or private institutions, the Technical Consortium of Andalucía (CTA).

During 2017, we closed a new round of 0.5MM € for the growth of the platform and a strong investment in marketing to attract users (Bualazers)

Collective bioinspired intelligence

Our Artificial Intelligence Engine based on our Collective Intelligence Engine (CIE) is capable of analyzing, enriching, comparing, recommending and proposing the best possible options or alternatives. The differential element is the weighting that the algorithm does of each of the social networks events received, giving each of them the appropriate value for decision making.

This knowledge of the end user so exhaustive and contextualized allows us to associate audiovisual product with a product or service. It’s the big difference from other business models in the cloud, which only offer services and not a business model.

How does our CIE work?

Emprendetour Smartcities

Sharing knowledge bases, “increase users” through “Matching Learnig” in other knowledge bases outside our client.


Provide new ways of monetization in a sector that is not yet developed. That is, associating an audiovisual content with a direct purchase.

New patents, new work processes

Knowdle Media Group is the first NewCo created by Knowdle Fundation & RI in 2014. The Foundation was born with an aim, generate open and bio-inspired knowledge and Artificial Intelligence based on Collective Intelligence.

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